How to Make a New Year’s Resolution Stick

make a new Year’s resolution stick
The New Year is here, which means millions of Americans have set new goals or resolutions. However, even by February, many of us have already given up on our resolutions. If you want to make a New Year’s resolution stick and accomplish your goals, here are five steps to take.
1. Start small. Making sky high goals is one of the biggest reasons resolutions fail. Instead, aim for small changes. If you are trying to lose weight, make small changes first, like replacing dessert with a piece of fruit.
2. Focus on one goal at a time. If you try to change everything you don’t like about yourself at the same time, you will most likely fail. Instead, focus on one behavior at a time.
3. Share your goals. Talk to your friends and family about what your goals are for this year. You might find many people have similar goals, which will allow you to work together and support each other.
4. Accept setbacks. If you give up on your goals as soon as you fail once, you will never reach it. You can come back from your mistakes and keep working towards your goals.
5. Ask for help. We all need help once in a while. If you are struggling, talk to your support group or even consider professional help, like a psychologist.
Here at Gossett Audi, we hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2018.

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