How to Send a PDF by Email Using a Mac

You may send PDF as an email attachment from any application on a Mac. Mac’s Email application now includes a PDF creator and viewer automatically. The Email program is incorporated with all the applications, offering you the ability to mail Web pages, mail messages, papers and text files as PDFs from your originating application.

The Mac computer, made by Apple, comes with an email system that lets you prepare, send, receive and organize your messages. Sometimes, you may want to send a PDF within an email. It will take a few minutes to achieve this extremely easy task.

You can connect a document to e-mail you deliver out of your Mac. These iTunes Won’t Sync Music to iPhone devices are typically word processing files. However, you may connect almost any file: photographs, audio, spreadsheets, films, and much more.

To send a file with your email, click the Attach button. In the screen that looks, find the record you’ve at heart from your appropriate file on your hard disk drive.

Email PDFs

Open the concept or document you intend to change to PDF and deliver as a message attachment. Within the originating application, click the “File” option, then find the “Print” option. In the Printing dialog box, grow the PDF menu, and select the “Mail PDF” solution. The record is changed into PDF and attached to a new email message.

Email This Site

You can share Web pages from Chrome as PDF mail attachments using the browser’s Mail This Site feature. View to the Web page then finds the “File” option from the top toolbar. Select “Share” in the File menu to start a fresh email message form. Automagically, the URL to the webpage is inserted into the mail body plus a drop-down menu appears underneath the Subject line. If you select the “PDF” choice within the drop-down menu, the selected Web page is transformed into a PDF and attached to the new message.

Address and Send Email

Once you transform and connect the PDF for the mail message type, type a message to accompany the attached PDF in the mail body. Place the recipient’s email address to the To field, and send the meaning with all the PDF attached. You don’t have the Email application open to create and connect a PDF to some new email message. The PDF selections appear in all programs to the Mac.

Alternative Solutions

You may have problems wanting to send large PDFs using the Mac Mail application. If the PDF is too large, you need to use a free, cloud-based mail support to send the PDF to your  iMessage not working readers. Gmail and Yahoo Mail permit you to email large PDF accessories through their services.

Using Apple Mail

  • Open Apple Mail by clicking the “Mail” icon on your dock.
  • Click the “New Message” button, then click the “Attach” button.
  • Select the PDF file you wish to attach, then click “Choose File.” Enter an email address in the “To” area, type a title in the “Subject” field and click “Send.”

Using MobileMe1

  • Enter your username and password at
  • Click the “Log In” button. Click the “Mail” icon.
  • Click the pencil and paper icon at the top of the screen to compose a new message.
  • Click the “Attach a file” link, and select the PDF file you wish to attach.
  • Click the “Choose” button, then enter the appropriate information in the “To” and “Subject” fields.
  • Press the paper airplane button to send the email.

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